I ran today. 2.2 miles. My mom came over and took the kids so suddenly I found myself alone and not wanting to write (which I did) or clean (which I also did). So I put on my running shoes and just left the house. I didn’t even bring Parker with me. I felt a little bad about that, but I wanted alone time and for some reason having a dog making me run a lot faster than I wanted to run wasn’t sounding appealing.

I need exercise to stay sane. I’ve learned that over the years. But it isn’t just physical exercise that I need, although that does play a big part in it. I need mental exercise too. I need to feel challenged and I need to feel like what I’m doing is worthwhile. This is why I love writing. I get to expand new worlds, I get to problem solve, and it’s really fun at the same time. I’ve said this before in other places, but writing and editing to me is like working on a puzzle with multiple solutions. The short stuff is really easy to solve (such as an article for a client), but the longer novels are really complex and really difficult. And I love working on them and figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

When I was in high school, I used to play with handheld puzzles. There was one in the guidance office that no one had ever solved, and one day I solved it. The school counselor was amazed, which was cool for my ego. The problem was that it didn’t matter. I was good at solving things that nobody else could, but what does a puzzle have to do with helping out other people? Not much.

But literature adds to society. I am a devout Christian, but before I made this choice, I went through some really dark times. My writing is a reflection of that. I hope that what I can someday successfully accomplish through a body of works is to show how other people can be in really bad spots in their lives with all sorts of hazards thrown at them, but still overcome them and be successful. That’s a part of my philosophy, anyway.


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