I’m finally feeling healthy again, and after all the computer issues and being behind with all of my work, this is very welcome. The last few days have had some excitement, though. Cameron, my youngest son, was hurt pretty badly and we had to take him to the hospital. He’s fine, thank God, but his face is pretty bruised up still.

I have been focusing on a new short story a little bit, and I’ve been trying to catch up with my real work, so I haven’t had as much time to write new materials as I would like, but this is slowly changing. The new story is freshest in my mind, but I did surpass the 40K word mark in my Western the other day. The book is going to be a little bit longer than I originally thought, which is a good thing I suppose for the people that will be reading and enjoying it.


Why I Like to Write

There’s a quote in the beginning of Ernest Hemingway’s Green Hills of Africa that really gets down to the root of why I like–need–to write.

I am interested in other things. I have a good life but I must write because if I do not write a certain amount I do not enjoy the rest of my life.

It’s a really simple concept, but I think what Papa Hem was getting at is that writing puts the rest of our lives in perspective. I know this is true for me. I need to write things down in order to fully understand them. When I was in college studying for exams, I would write out the material before the test even if it wasn’t an essay exam so that I could gain a better mastery over it. Writing is, for many people, a way to view the world and understand it a little bit better.