Random Things

I took my fantasy baseball book off of Amazon. This was a pretty easy choice, although I waited a bit longer than I wanted to because I wanted to see if the beginning of baseball season boosted sales. The increase was miniscule, but every sale counts for something. I still have the Zenyatta book up and running, although I have taken it off of KDP Select. I am transitioning toward a new phase in my career as a writer, and although writing and publishing these books was a very worthwhile process, I’ve since learned that they were just the beginning.

You can expect some big things from me this year. I have a poetry collection that I will be publishing in the coming months, and 3 novels that are each more than half written. I still have a few old chapbooks that I had printed several years ago and if anyone wants them, let me know. I am selling them online for $1 each, and $4 each at various shows. Just send me a message if you’re interested.

A lot of my free time has been spent exercising and not writing as much as I did over the winter. I am training for a duathlon and it has been a lot of fun. I am still writing, just supplementing my days with some fitness work, too.


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