The Kindle is the greatest invention ever. Okay, maybe not EVER, but it’s definitely the best thing that’s happened to literature since the widespread availability of the paperback. A Kindle costs a bit, even the paperwhite is $119 right now, but books are dirt cheap, or even free. When I use my Kindle, I read so much faster than I do with paper books. And there’s a wider selection, too. There are so many great authors I’ve discovered through Amazon–Jeff Strand, Joe Konrath, Scott Nicholson, just to name a few. Yes, I could go to the library and get the new Stephen King books, but why bother when I could read something just as good without leaving my home.

I’m currently without an e-reader thanks to Ethan (my 3 year old) throwing my Kindle Fire and breaking the screen. Still, I’m missing it incredibly. The Kindle is great, and I’m sure the Nook and all the others are really good, too. I prefer the Kindle just because it has a wider selection, but definitely do the research on your own.

I’ve published on the Kindle before, and I can attest that it’s really easy to do. Formatting isn’t tough and your book, once submitted, can be live in about 24 hours.


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