Maybe I will write fiction in 2014. Maybe not. The last part of 2013 was tough for writing and I did nothing at all fiction-wise for the last three months. I thought it was longer, but I looked over some stuff and saw I wrote a few words toward the end of September. Pathetic, actually, but I did write a lot of nonfictiony stuff.

I want to finish my time travel Western this year and publish it on the Kindle. I don’t think this is a tough stretch as I have it 2/3 written already (rough draft anyway). It’s just a matter of aligning it with my faith and making it a positive message. Remember, I did start writing this in 2007!

I’m not going to blog a lot this year. I would like to, but I know I can’t make any promises about it so I just won’t try. And I’m setting no goals for fiction writing other than the Western.

But I will be writing. I’m trying to ramp up my freelance work, and I am actually looking for a full time writing position (!), too. I’ve applied at several places, some more fervently than others. Whatever happens, I will be writing in some capacity–and that makes me really happy!

As always, I will keep you posted on what’s going on. It’s just not a lot now. But that’s very likely to change in the near future.