I’m excited. I am going to finish my first full length novel next week. I am pretty much done with edits, and it should be completely ready for publication by the end of March at the latest. You will be able to find it on Amazon. So, I’m excited. Like, REALLY excited.

This is the time travel/Western that I’ve been working on for almost seven years. For those that know me, I started this a little before I met my wife. So it’s been a while.

I have a lot to say about it, but I think I’m going to spread out the news in order to create a sort of dramatic effect for all four of the people that might read this blog post. I really value your experience, so I’m going to build this up slowly and make you wonder in suspense!

Here’s stage one. I have an awesome cover artist lined up for this! She’s done covers for many professional novelists in the past and I am really excited to work with her. I am really proud of this book and I wanted to have the best cover art possible, and for some reason she agreed to work with me. So that’s awesome. More on that later.

Oh! I’ve titled it AWAKEN. Actually, Beth came up with the name because I can apparently write an entire novel and just have the letter “W” as its title and be fine with that. Would you buy a book with the title W? I wouldn’t.

Also, I have a promotion coming up on Zenyatta in March. This WILL be the last time it will be available for free, so stay tuned on dates. Or I could just tell you now (March 6-9).