A Little More Information

I have to figure out how to get my main character out of one last problem. And that’s it! The book is done–probably about 1,500 words to go (about 1/3rd of a chapter). The cover art will be done by the end of the month, and then I can publish it. Wowzers. It’s been a really long time in the making, but it’s pretty much made at this point so it’s time to sit back and enjoy the ride.

And by “sit back” I mean “make it successful.” Which involves absolutely no sitting back at all.

I created a Twitter account (@AuthorMGYoung) so follow me there if you want to read my thoughts in 140 characters or less. I will put stuff on there, here, and on Facebook. I might do other stuff, too, but we’ll see. For now I’m focusing on finishing the book and making it purty.

I was thinking of a blog tour, so if you want me to put something on your blog, let me know. I’m easy to get in touch with and I am obsessive about checking my email.

And don’t forget that Zenyatta is going to be free starting March 6th! Leave a review on Amazon if you want!


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