Guest Post by J.M. Preiss

Before J.M. starts, I wanted to let everyone know that I am very pleased to welcome him here! He’s a great writer and very imaginative, and you can check out a couple of his books for free on Friday (that’s today!!)! Follow the links at the end and get them.

Without further ado, here he is!

All right, so how do I get this thing started? That has always been a hard part for me when it comes to blogposts. Where do you start? I think I have a simple idea on what to do.

I want to start by saying “Thank You” to Matthew for inviting me to do this. It is an awesome opportunity that he has handed to me, and I am thankful of that. I was unsure as to what exactly to talk about; it takes a while for me to get the ball rolling, so I asked him for some ideas.

It is something that is interesting to reminisce about. How did I get started? Then I asked myself, “How does anybody get started writing?”

The answer to that, at least in my case, is that it just happens. Do not get me wrong, you have to have a drive to do it, but I think that it is something that you just kind of fall into. This can take many forms, the person writing for a newspaper, magazine, or class that wants something more from their writing, or maybe you are somebody that has a vivid imagination, and you started writing as a way to keep track of your dreams.

Something like that happened for me. I loved – and still do – telling stories. My mind is a powerful machine geared towards imagination. That might sound like boasting, but let me tell you, it tends to cause more grief than not. I am a worrier; I can tell you the majority of the ways a situation could go wrong with a few minutes of thinking about it, and boy can they get extravagant. That is unimportant though.

This imagination got me looking into writing for games, not writing stories for video games or your standard pencil and paper role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. No, I was into the games that people came up wi th on forums. The forum I started and stayed at called those Story Debates, a type of play-by-post game. We would come up with back-stories for our character (often a sovereign nation for the ones I played in), and then we would interact with the creator and other players to weave an interesting story. It gave me a lot of practice at writing.

Fast-forward a few (seven or so) years, and I noticed NaNoWriMo. I thought, “Hey, I could do that. I could write a novel in a month.” No, I could not at the time, so I put that on the back burner. In 2011, I picked up the idea again to write for NaNoWriMo. I decided just before Thanksgiving that I was going to do it, and I did not actually accomplish my task; more than half of the month had already passed by, but before school started back up after Thanksgiving, I had written over 20,000 words on Time Jump. I put it on the sidelines to finish out the semester, and January, I picked it up again. I published Time Jump, the first book in the Halcyon Gate series, to Kindle in February 2012.

I started on the second book in the series, Eugenic Reprisal, shortly after, but I had to focus on school. I did not manage to get it finished until December 2013, and it went live New Year’s Eve.
Shortly after releasing Eugenic Reprisal, I finished and released The Sleeping Man, my new sci-fi novelette series that I will be running alongside Halcyon Gate.

Along the way, I graduated with my B.S in Physics, but my passion, my calling, lies with writing; telling that story. This is what I love to do, and I just hope that I do it well enough to keep on doing it and make a living with it.

If y’all want, you can find my works on Amazon, solely for the Kindle and Kindle app.

Time Jump (Halcyon Gate #1)
Eugenic Reprisal (Halcyon Gate #2)
The Sleeping Man (Tales of a Mediator #1)

And y’all can connect with me over at where I am eagerly awaiting Matthew’s corresponding guest post.

– JM


One thought on “Guest Post by J.M. Preiss

  1. Thank you, J.M., for writing this up for all of us. I downloaded your books earlier today and I look forward to reading them!


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