Side Project

Hey everyone!

I am taking a break from posting about my fiction to let you know about a side project I am working on. I have been working with New Life Family Prayer Center in Oviedo, Florida, to help them raise money for a project they are working on. The goal is to raise enough funds to have a homeless shelter constructed. Seminole County, where the nonprofit organization is located, has a high rate of homelessness, and this awesome group is taking a unique approach to solving the issue. Actually, it’s not really that unique, just unique to this part of the U.S. Utah already has decreased their rate of homelessness by 74 percent with this method being enacted on a statewide level!

Anyway, we are pursuing grants–both private and federal–as well as donations from businesses and individuals in order to make this possible. As one part of this, I’ve started an Indiegogo campaign to help them out a little bit. It’s a big goal, but we are confident we can do it!

If you are feeling generous, or just curious, feel free to visit the link and see what we are working on.



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