New Short Story

Good afternoon!

I was going to make this an exclusive news item for my Goodreads followers, but since the site is partially down right now, you get it here first! It’s probably better that way since I get approximately 96 times more readers here than on Goodreads…

I have a short story coming out at the end of August. It’s called The Clockmaker, and it’s about a guy who makes clocks. You will enjoy it (no guarantees).

It will be free for a while, then super cheap. It’s short, so you can read it in a sitting or two if you want.

More updates to come later on!


Awaken is Live!

Awaken went live this morning. I didn’t expect it to be that quick, so major props to Amazon for that!

This is my fifth published book, but it’s my first full length work of fiction. In some ways, this is WAY bigger than any of the others I’ve had come out, even the ones I had traditionally published.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens with it.

Thanks to my readers: Cheryl Tisa, Corinna Fiorito, and Kurt Gardner. Also, a huge thank you to Lynne Hansen, my cover artist! She’s awesome and does way more than just cover art. Her website is right here: here. She makes movies, writes books, and more! Truly talented and it was awesome to work with her on this.

I’m working on two other novels for release later, hopefully this year. One’s a financial thriller, and the other is a silly private detective novel I’m working on with a mystery co-writer! Stay Tuned!

OH! If you want to buy Awaken, you can find it here.