Hello (because I can never think of blog titles…)

Hi, blog readers. I have been busy, but you couldn’t know that because I haven’t been blogging about how busy I’ve been. In fact, there’s a chance that I’ve been too busy.

Here are some things you might like to know:

1.) Awaken is cheaper now. I was able to lower the price from $3.99 down to $2.99 now that all my promotional stuff is done for the next couple months.

2.) I will have a guest blog published on Gillian Felix’s website on June 12th. I will post a direct link once I have it, but for now, you can visit her site here.

3.) I’ve narrowed down (tentatively) what my next book release will be down to two books, neither of which I thought it would be. It will either be Solvers–which I am working on with a mystery guest author. It’s a detective novel about an extremely unprofessional private detective. It’s more of a comedic venture, so luckily my mystery guest author is a lot funnier than I am. The other is a dark fantasy/ horror book about a clockmaker that makes a clock for a demon.

That is all for now. I bid you adieu!


Lazy Sunday

Except not really. No Sunday is ever lazy for me. I didn’t go to church today like I meant to, but I did work all day on the computer. I edited one more chapter of Awaken, wrote a bunch of stuff for a client, and set up something exciting for later this week.

What is it?

Well, you are in the right place to find out! On Friday, I will be having a fellow author write a little blog entry for all of my devoted readers to enjoy. J.M. Preiss will be telling us a little story about how he became an author. Like AWAKEN, his stories are science fiction, some dealing with time travel. I am really excited to share his work with you, and I hope that the different perspective on becoming a writer is interesting for you.

You can find some of his Amazon titles here. Check him out!