Hello (because I can never think of blog titles…)

Hi, blog readers. I have been busy, but you couldn’t know that because I haven’t been blogging about how busy I’ve been. In fact, there’s a chance that I’ve been too busy.

Here are some things you might like to know:

1.) Awaken is cheaper now. I was able to lower the price from $3.99 down to $2.99 now that all my promotional stuff is done for the next couple months.

2.) I will have a guest blog published on Gillian Felix’s website on June 12th. I will post a direct link once I have it, but for now, you can visit her site here.

3.) I’ve narrowed down (tentatively) what my next book release will be down to two books, neither of which I thought it would be. It will either be Solvers–which I am working on with a mystery guest author. It’s a detective novel about an extremely unprofessional private detective. It’s more of a comedic venture, so luckily my mystery guest author is a lot funnier than I am. The other is a dark fantasy/ horror book about a clockmaker that makes a clock for a demon.

That is all for now. I bid you adieu!


Awaken is Live!

Awaken went live this morning. I didn’t expect it to be that quick, so major props to Amazon for that!

This is my fifth published book, but it’s my first full length work of fiction. In some ways, this is WAY bigger than any of the others I’ve had come out, even the ones I had traditionally published.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens with it.

Thanks to my readers: Cheryl Tisa, Corinna Fiorito, and Kurt Gardner. Also, a huge thank you to Lynne Hansen, my cover artist! She’s awesome and does way more than just cover art. Her website is right here: here. She makes movies, writes books, and more! Truly talented and it was awesome to work with her on this.

I’m working on two other novels for release later, hopefully this year. One’s a financial thriller, and the other is a silly private detective novel I’m working on with a mystery co-writer! Stay Tuned!

OH! If you want to buy Awaken, you can find it here.

Zenyatta, Again! (AND MORE!)

As a little last surge before I take it off Amazon, my Zenyatta book will be free Saturday, Sunday, and Monday! You can get it here. I have a bunch of new things that will be released on Amazon later this year and early next year, and since I’m taking my writing in a new direction, it only makes sense to stop with the Zenyatta book. I love it, and it was really enjoyable to spend time working on it, but that’s the past. I might bring it back now and then, but I suggest if you haven’t read it yet (and you want to) you take advantage of the free giveaway.


I have three novels that will be released over the last few months of 2013 and throughout 2014. No details on exact dates yet as some re-writes, edits, and cover art are still needed, but I can give you a little bit information on them. The one I am finishing up now is a thriller about a corrupt Catholic priest who gets in over his head with a gambling ring. There’s some murder, some jail time, a jail break, and ultimately some redemption–although it might not be for who you think deserves it. I don’t have a title for this, but I am leaning toward Degen. Degen is a term some people on the 2+2 forum use for problem gamblers, and although this aspect is only a brief part of the book, it really does sum up the theme of the book pretty well.

Another book, this one a dark fantasy/horror. An actor finds an artifact during a movie shoot and it slowly begins to eat away at his sanity. However, in exchange for a little blood and the madness that ensues, the actor is offered stardom and immortality. Not a bad exchange, right? WRONG! I don’t have a title for this yet. It’s about half written, I just have to figure out how to work out some loose ends.

Third one. I have this file saved as “Riley” on my computer, but that’s certainly not the final title, just the main character’s name. Riley is an interesting kid. He just moves into a new house, makes some new friends, and they go exploring in the secret room they find in the new house’s basement. But wait! It’s not an innocent secret room. Centuries ago, a malevolent alien explorer crashed a space ship into where the house was later built. When the boys go exploring, they find that the malevolent crashed alien is still alive, and not very happy. The alien has some psychic powers, but prepubescent children are not affected by them! This is also about half written.

I lied. There are four books. BONUS! My western short story that I wrote forever ago took on a life of its own a while ago and became a not short story. It became a not western, too. I really really like this story. It was largely inspired by the Clint Eastwood classic “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly,” but imagine that Clint Eastwood’s character is really Doctor Who with a wicked case of amnesia. This is pretty much done, just needs some edits. I think this book might be my best story, so if you only read one of these books, this is the one to read. However, I keep writing this book and I keep editing it and I don’t think it will ever be done. Interpretation: SEQUEL.

Also, I have some short stories that I’m in the process of editing. But who reads those?

2015 also has at least one novel release lined up. “The Annuity,” a book I started writing about three years ago, will be finished maybe. This is a good one. Horse racing, some serial killing, some insurance selling, you name it, this book has it. This is pretty much done, but I want to wait a bit longer before I release it because no author should ever release five books in the span of one year. Did you hear that James Patterson?

So it’s been a while

I haven’t updated my blog in a while, as you can tell by the four months in between posts. I went through a few months where I wasn’t writing at all. I didn’t have a computer for some of it, and other parts of that period, I just had no stories in my head.

Well, that’s changed. I have a brand new thriller I’m working on. It’s one of the more original things I’ve written and it’s not science fiction or fantasy or any of that. Just a corrupt priest, some serial killers, and some organized crime. It’s fun to write so far. I have 6 chapters done so far.

It always seem like when I get one idea, I get a million. Hopefully this time I can actually finish a novel, and then do something productive with it.

Dilemmas, Dilemmas

I’ve been really sick for the last week. It was awful, therI e was a 48 hour period where I couldn’t even stand up without evoking brainsplitting headaches and vomiting. I feel better today. I even took Parker out for a very short run, although my congested lungs weren’t too happy about that. Anyway, I am back up and alive and looking forward to being a productive member of society again.

I have been debating and debating about what to do with the release of my book. During the last week, I’ve written hardly anything, and I am starting to worry a little bit. I could finish the book, have it edited, formatted, and illustrated by the 29th of April like the original goal, but I want to slow things down a little bit and make sure that I write the best possible book that I can. How would you feel if your favorite author rushed to put out a book so they could hit an arbitrary release date? You might be excited to read the new material, but that excitement will quickly disappear once you realize that the book is sloppy and unprofessional. I don’t want to do that. So I’m going to push the date back a little bit and make sure that this book is as good as it can possibly be. I think this will make all of us happier.

Comic Book Thoughts

There’s a special place in my heart for the medium that is the comic book. I fell in love with this when I was probably about 8 or 9 years old when my dad started buying me Amazing Spider Man books. It was right around this time, too, that DC Comics did their death of Superman with Doomsday and all that, and I couldn’t get enough. Then I went YEARS without reading comic books.

That was until college, when a really cool professor of mine (Dr. Ken Cooper) assigned our class The Watchmen by Alan Moore. I had never read anything like it, and by this point in my life, I had read a lot more than I had at 8 years old. The same professor assigned us The Ice Storm–although I cannot remember if it was the same class or not–and there were a bunch of Fantastic Four references in this book, and I slowly found my way back to reading comic books.

After college I discovered Neil Gaiman, right around the time his book Anansi Boys came out. I read it, loved it, and then read American Gods, which quickly became one of my favorite books ever. This, of course, prompted me to learn more about Neil Gaiman, and I discovered that he had been around for a long time as a comic book writer. The Sandman–a series he started in the 80s and that lasted for about 10 years–was, and probably still is, the most amazing long running comic series ever written.

Are there better books out there than The Sandman? Yes. Alan Moore’s V For Vendetta is perhaps the best socially aware comic book ever written, but it didn’t have the same reach that Sandman did. I read an interview with Gaiman a few weeks ago where he was commenting about how during the 10 year span of Sandman, most of the time he was more in tune to what his characters were doing than what was going on in real life. This blew my mind, to use a turn of phrase. I have been working on my sci-fi western novel off and on since 2007–a long time by any account–and it has only just recently reached the point where it has consumed my thoughts. It’s a good feeling, and it makes me realize that I’m doing something right, that my characters are starting to come alive. I think this is something that writers need to do if they’re going to be successful. Because if the characters have no spark with the writer, they sure aren’t going to resonate with the reader.