Guest Post by J.L. Hill

Hey everyone. Today we have a guest post by author J.L. Hill. I’m excited to have him on here because, like me, he writes Science Fiction, plus other stuff. It’s really encouraging to see that other authors have interests like me, and I was excited to have him agree to contribute. I hope you enjoy what he has to say! At the end, I will put up some links where you can learn more about him.


By James L Hill (aka J L Hill)

The transition from a writer to an author has been a slow process. I started writing as a kid, each week my friends and I would buy the latest comics, and after reading them we’d trace the pictures and make up our own stories. I always tried to see if I could come up with would happen in the next issue. I wanted to see if my version would be as good as Stan Lee’s.

I loved to write. Not just the storytelling aspect of it, there is something about the physical experience of putting ink on paper that is very satisfying. When giving a writing assignment in school, the word count never bothered me. It was a challenge to reach it, and often exceed it. I found writing poetry and songs to be mind expanding.

When I decided to try my hand at writing professionally, I wrote sci-fi short stories at first, looking to get published in Asimov Science Fiction and Analog Science Fiction & Fact magazines. Two of the magazines I read religiously. I thought I should build a name for myself and short stories take less time to write than a full length novel. Although I received positive feedback, getting published in the magazine world is no easier than finding a book publisher.

I jumped into my first novel when the Soviet Union and United States began their Salt Treaty Talks. My wife asked what I thought about nuclear disarmament and the prospects for nuclear war, that discussion launched Pegasus: A Journey To New Eden. It is a psychological science fiction thriller that takes place in the near future. Publishers rejected the ideas that the Soviet Union would collapse from within and companies would become global powers dominating nations.

I looked into self publishing, but at that time vanity press was all about paying for your own books and selling them door to door or on the street corner. No thanks. Jump ahead a couple of decades, along comes the internet explosion, social media, and print on demand, making a foray into self publishing more accessible.

At this time I write in two genres, science fiction (my first love) and crime fiction, which allows me to explore the even darker aspects of humanity. My most recent novel, Killer With A Heart, is the first book in a series about ‘Bulletproof’ Morris ‘Mojo’ Johnson. The street gang warlord joins with a junior mobster, Nicky ‘Nails’ Rocci, the teenagers’ plans inadvertently spark a mafia war in the streets of New York. This is an adult crime series with three more books in the wings. I’m writing book two, Killer With Three Heads and should be in print by the end of the year.

Writing has always been my life and even though I took a break from trying to get published, I never quit writing. I am still interested in getting a traditional publisher; however, I will not let that hold me back. When my books are finished, I will put them in print by any means available. The publishing industry is like the Wild West, rules are being broken every day and there is always a new fast gun in town. So to any new author out there I give this advice, do your homework, be doubly sure who you are dealing with, and put out your best work.

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